Company profile

SeleXel is a biotechnology company developing innovative products to treat invasive or metastatic cancers.

The company was created in 2006.

Patented products at the forefront of innovation

SeleXel develops a portfolio of molecules based on the RNA interference technology.

This technology enables to inhibit very specifically the production of a protein playing a key role in the development or progression of cancer.

The first product developed by the company, SXL01, is intended to treat prostate cancers. Clinical trials of this first product will begin in 2016 at the Institut Universitaire du Cancer de Toulouse (IUCT). For the first indication SXL01 is intended to treat patients with invasive prostate cancer who no longer responding to hormone treatments.

SeleXel’s second product is developed to treat invasive or metastatic cancers. Several therapeutic indications are envisionned. SeleXel specifically investigates the potential of this molecule in aggressive cancers such as glioblastoma (a brain cancer) or triple negative breast cancers.

SeleXel also explores the impact of its products in restoring the immune system of the host against the tumor and develops new siRNAs in this field.

An experienced team

The company is headed by:

attaliPierre Attali, MD, led for 10 years the clinical Department of Synthelabo. He led or leads the development of several companies of biotechnologies such as Osmo, Urogene, MEL, Bioalliance pharma, Sensorion.

FC2016-smallFlorence Cabon, PhD, is Director of research at INSERM and an experienced scientist  in the fields of Oncology, notably prostate cancers, and RNA interference. Florence is a co-inventory of all patents registered and/or operated by SeleXel.

Etienne-KriegerEtienne Krieger, PhD, is affiliated Professor at french HEC school of management, co-founder of several startup companies, including Planext, a firm of consultants in innovation.